I’m sad about Xanga shutting down

It’s like a childhood friend has cancer and is dying

It’s like we’re all scrambling on the deck of the Titanic, saying goodbyes and telling each other everything will be alright

It’s like graduation once again, where people are going to be everywhere and you know that phase of your life is finished

I’m going to miss Xanga so much, it’s where I grew up in the last 8 years. So many memories and friendships. I spilled my guts out, I started and improved on my photography and writing. I met people which literally changed my life.

The only thing I could do now is to hold onto those dear friendships I’ve made there, and plant the seeds somewhere new, and hope the soil is suitable for it to grow once more.

I love you Xanga, quirky, strange, outdated, friendly.

The coals are burning, and it won’t come back
For wood’s turned into ashes, grey and black

I’ll love you after the fire’s truly gone
For you’ve kept my heart truly warm

This place of friendship, of love, of secrets and dreams
Now relegated to the past, with all else, it seems…

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